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Nerina is Susanna's Milotic.


Nerina considers herself to be a Pokémon with high social status, and feels she should be treated as such. She also cares about her appearance, and while strong, prefers not to battle unless she has to because she doesn't want her good looks to get messed up. She is somewhat more down to Earth than her trainer, and even finds some of Susanna's behaviour towards Lillith "un-ladylike" and thinks it is embarrasing to be seen with her trainer in such situations. Despite this, Nerina does care about her trainer.

Abilities in battle


Not much is known about her, aside from having been given to Susanna at some point. She was a gift from one of Susanna's aunts, and some aspects of Nerina's personality was most likely influenced by belonging to said aunt for a little while before being given to Susanna.

In the AU

Nothing is currently known about Nerina in the AU.


  • As mentioned before, while she cares about her trainer, she finds her un-ladylike behaviour to be very embarrassing.
  • Nerina doesn't have a particular opinion about Darien nor Sanna, but will fight to protect them since Susanna cares for them.
  • She also doesn't dislike Lillith like her trainer does, but also doesn't really know her all that well enough to have much of an opinion about her. Part of her might even feel a little sorry for Lillith, while the other finds her somewhat annoying if only because her presence causes such un-ladylike behaviour from Susanna.
  • Likely admires the one of Susanna's aunts who previously owned her before handing her off to Susanna, considering her to be what a proper lady should be and wishing Susanna could take more after her.