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Arlen is Lillith's Samurott.


Arlen has a strong spirit, and doesn't easily give up.

Abilities in battle

His ability is Torrent.


Arlen was one of the many Pokémon that was kept trapped in Melinda's basement, and befriended Setsuna when she was trapped there. By working together, they were able to make an escape attempt during a black-out, but when Melinda's Chandelure caught them, Arlen decided to hold him off so Setsuna could still make it out, even if it meant sacrificing his own chance to escape with her. They promised to meet again.

Arlen eventually reunited with Setsuna after she had evolved, and she, her trainer DS and Mirage the Zoroark came to break out the trapped Pokémon, only for Melinda to catch them in the act. Setsuna was able to escape with Arlen, but DS and Mirage were captured, leading to most of the J-Team chasing down Melinda's car to save them. After DS and Mirage had been rescued, Arlen met with Lillith, who decided to have him join her team.

The AU

Nothing is known of Arlen's counterpart in the AU, if he even has one.


  • Is very close to Setsuna, and during their first escape attempt from Melinda's basement together, he willingly gave up his own chance to escape by distracting Melinda's Chandelure so Setsuna could escape, promising that they would meet again. Even with the Chandelure's attempts to break him, Arlen never stopped believing that Setsuna would keep her promise, and was delighted when she finally came back for him. Part of the reason he joined Lillith's team afterwards, aside from quickly befriending Lillith, was so he could stay close to Setsuna.

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