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Sasorina is Lillith's Gliscor.


Sasorina is somewhat snarky, and is somewhat of a contrast to both her quirky trainer and teammates.

Abilities in battle

Her ability is currently unknown. Not much is known about Sasorina when it comes to Pokémon battles.


Sasorina was the first Pokémon Lillith obtained, given to her as a Gligar by her father. Sasorina was originally a rather timid Pokémon, but quickly warmed up to and became quite close to Lillith. The bond between the two would become quite important for Lillith during her teen years, as Lillith's father was now in jail and her mother had developed an alcohol problem. Despite Lillith's uncle sending money, Lillith feared there wouldn't be enough money for important things since her mother kept using a lot of it on alcohol, and decided that the best thing she could do to help the situation was to earn some extra money from Pokémon battles, to which Sasorina agreed to begin training so she could be strong enough to help Lillith with this.

The two made regular visits to the PokéSpots to train, and Sasorina started getting stronger. However, this wasn't enough, and Lillith decided to ask her uncle for some extra help. Lillith eventually received a Razor Fang which she used to help Sasorina evolve, and they later also received their second teammate, Proxy the Porygon-Z.


  • Sasorina is very close to Lillith, and has been sort of an emotional support for her. She occasionally finds some of Lillith's behaviour a bit annoying, and also wishes things could go back to being how they were before Lillith's dad ended up in jail.
  • Sasorina considers herself and Arlen to be the Only Sane Mons of Lillith's team, due to Proxy, Kirei and Thoreau all having their quirks.
  • Likes Darien, and seems to want him and Lillith together since he's so nice to her.
  • Dislikes Susanna, for obvious reasons.
Lillith's Team
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