Stella (Sakura)

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Stella is Sakura's Masquerain and part of her original team.


A regular Masquerain


Stella is a naive, cheerful, sweet girl and is always up to do anything that looks fun. She tends to talk a bit of nonsense once in a while and is excited all the time and as such, she frequently speaks really fast, she's also very curious and is often eavesdropping other's conversations and doing all kinds of things just for the sake of seeing what'll happen.

Stella doesn't battle much due to not liking it, but she occasionally battles just to have some fun, she tries to not hurt the opponent badly though and frequently apologizes for doing so.

Other Details

  • Age: 3
  • Height: 0.8m
  • Birthday: June 15
  • Nature: Naive
  • Ability: Intimidate (somehow)
  • Met: Lake Verity (As a Surskit)
  • Ball: Dive Ball
  • Favorite Move: Ice Beam
  • Likes: Lily, playing, helping, cute things.
  • Dislikes: Ugly things, violence, ungrateful people.

Battle Strategy

Stella's strategy is yet to be known.

Known Moves:

  • TypeBug.gif - Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz


Stella was a lonely Surskit that when she and the other Surskits went to Lake Verity, she was forgotten there and left alone, Sakura found her skating in the lake's water alone and initially she didn't want to bother her, but Stella got curious about the human girl and soon came to her, much to her surprise, Sakura was really nice to her and even gave her some food. When Sakura was going to leave, Stella tried to follow her, but got afraid of going too far from the lake, Sakura noticed that and seeing that she really wanted to come along, she caught her and she has happily being part of the team ever since.


She's good friends with everybody with the team, particularly Lily, who is her best friend and as such, Stella ends up helping her with most of her pranks and has fun doing so even when she accidentally mess them up.

She manages to be a friend of Shade even though she pesters him a lot and as such she is the only one Shade would talk about more personal things. The exception of her team is Seth who dislikes her for taking part on Lily's pranks and for being annoying in general, which makes Stella feel very bad.

Grant and Serenity often scold her and Lily for the pranks, but it doesn't really stop them for continuing, Stella does at least try to prevent something bad from happening, even if it means going against Lily.


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