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Rei is Colton's Weavile, and the first Pokémon he acquired during the Alola Arc, being the seventh Pokémon he’s caught overall.


Rei is mischievous in a less benign way than Ammy. She enjoys watching peoplemons get angry and wears a devilish smirk all the while.


  • Birthday: February 28th, 2016
  • Age: 2
  • Met: Mt. Lanakila (Caught)
  • Ability: Pickpocket
  • Held Item: Razor Claw
  • Favorite Move: Foul Play
  • Nature: Naughty
  • Ball: Great

Battle Strategy

Rei gets into her opponent’s face and then never leaves. She favors completely shunning defense in favor of striking them down quickly and efficiently.

Known Techniques

  • TypeDark.gif Foul Play, Taunt, Thief, Hone Claws
  • TypeFighting.gif Low Sweep
  • TypeIce.gif Ice Shard, Icicle Crash
  • TypeNormal.gif Fake Out, Slash, Swords Dance


  • Rei was actually weakened for the Great Ball by Colton himself, catching her after she used Thief on his jacket and slamming his head into hers.
  • Her method of performing Icicle Crash was inspired by Storm's Hail Storm super in Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  • When human she uses the name “Norah Kiloana”.