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Priscilla Kwan, CPA, is a scion of the wealthy and well-established McSweeney-Kwan family. As an accountant, she heads the Accounting and Portfolio management department at the Pokédex Extended Fileshare Endeavour. At night, she moonlights as the Taipan, a vigilante superhero who who uses expensive technology to compromise villainous activity. She is alternately called "the PEFE accountant," alluding to her place in the organization's financial back-office.

"I'm sorry Johnny, but my career comes first." (Art by Daydre)


Priscilla is one of a pair of fraternal twins born to [Hong Kong] business taipan Big Henry Kwan and his wife, the heiress of a Kantonian Zaibatsu. Both twins were raised with platinum spoons in their mouths. However, she and her brother Henry be more different from both their family's expectations and from each other. While both took jobs outside the corporation to prove themselves to their father as rightful heirs to their megacorp, the paths they inevitably took were vastly divergent. Although both of them took accounting and law degrees, Henry Jr. took the bar and became a ruthless copyright lawyer for Best Berry, while Priscilla opted to practice as a certified public accountant and made little use of her legal education outside the boundaries of her field. Eventually, Henry would engage in progressively more unethical actions as a corporate lawyer, and Priscilla would go on to adopt a vigilante superhero identity while doubling as an accountant for a nonprofit organization.

One of Priscilla's lovers, Jake Hoffman, died in a surfing accident. Not long after, she started dating Jonathan Halliburton, an investigative journalist known to come into conflict with villain organizations. Although their relationship was otherwise happy, she chose to break up with him owing to the pressures of her career as a crimefighter, paired with her extant worries for Jonathan's already jeopardized safety.

She resides in Saffron City, where she also does most of her work as a superhero.

In the Lillifuture

Priscilla continued her relationship with Jonathan to the point of their engagement and marriage, only to be widowed some time after. Her fate beyond this is currently unknown other than her career as head of the PEFE back office undoubtedly ended.


By day Priscilla resembles a somewhat frumpy yet endearingly dorky young woman, much more beautiful than she initially lets on. She wears clothing typical for back-office middle management, usually smart business clothes, and appears to use a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. As the Taipan, she is dressed in shiny black-and-red form-flattering technological armor. She is 1/4th Galarian, 1/4 [Chinese], and 1/2 Kantonian.

Personality and Traits

"The J-Team Paid its taxes and we somehow broke even. This calls for a celebration!" (Art by JG)

Priscilla is every bit the effective businessperson her father expects of an heir. She’s still keen on taking over her father’s company and is more than willing to use her vast fortune as a force for lasting good. A consummate beancounter, she takes every opportunity to measure the costs and benefits of every action. She defaults to the most efficient use of time and resources to achieve her goals.

Despite being raised in wealth and privilege, Priscilla developed a strong sense of justice early in life and was obsessed with the idea of using vast monetary resources to fight injustices. Having witnessed her brother's descent into corruption and the attendant impunity associated with battling wealthy villains through litigation has made her question the value (in terms of ethics and monetary) of facing people in court. Following her employment into PEFE (and subsequent struggles to keep the danger-prone organization in good financial standing), she discovered that disrupting organized criminal activity before it could happen is often (though not always) more effective than confronting villains in court after the fact.

Unlike her brother, she values interpersonal relationships and enjoys the company of people that most others think are below her station.

Besides being remarkably good with numbers, Priscilla is also skilled in navigating legal paperwork. This has made her a top-performing accountant and efficient portfolio manager; as the PEFE's head accountant, she and her team run a tight ship, maintaining the sterling and tax-efficient system that keeps PEFE and its massive global portfolio in the black.

As an accountant, she and her assistant Murphy are exasperated by the amount of expenses regularly incurred by the PEFE, especially in the wake of major activities that involve the J-Team.

Priscilla's Roster


Three Goldeen

As the Taipan

Mistress Pygg

As a civilian



  • Priscilla's identity is based on a hybrid of Iron Man, IronHeart, and Batman. She rides a car called the Centennial Seviper, named for the Millennium Falcon and functionally a Batmobile.
  • Her family background and her superhero name alludes strongly to the cultures of East Asian business magnates. It's also an allusion to the IRL snake of the same name, as indicated by the name of her car.
  • 12 of her 13 superhero partner pokémon correspond mostly to the Chinese Zodiac.
    • Scrounger (the rat) is descriptive of her behavior.
    • Asterion (the ox) is taken from the personal name of the minotaur in Greek Mythology.
    • Kato (the tiger) is derived from the character played by Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet (1966 - 1967).
    • Silencer (the "rabbit") is named for the attachment used to muffle (but not cancel out) the sound of a gunshot.
    • Jacqueline (the dragon) is named both for Jackie Chan and Little Jackie Paper, a character from the Peter, Paul, and Mary song Puff, the Magic Dragon.
    • Craig (the snake) is named after the snake in the Nickelodeon series Sanjay and Craig.
    • Aston (the horse) and Martin (the goat) are named for the British automobile manufacturer.
    • Wukong (the monkey) is named for Sun Wukong, a Chinese immortal and the central figure of the epic Journey to the West.
    • Maverick (the "rooster") was originally a blaziken and called Tobikage (named for a mecha in the anime Ninja Senshi Tobikage) but is now named for the character played by Tom Cruise in Top gun.
    • Despite not being a dog mon, Murphy fulfills the place of the dog in the zodiac. He is named after Alex Murphy, the civilian identity of the eponymous cyborg in Robocop.
    • Mistress Pygg (the pig) is drawn from a memorable quote from The Lion King involving the warthog Pumbaa. Her title also alludes to the Muppets character Miss Piggy. The spelling of her name alludes to the type of clay used to make the predecessor of piggy banks.
    • Ophiuchus is based instead on the snake constellation that constantly appears in clickbaity Internet articles as the thirteenth sign of the Western European Zodiac.
  • Her civilian pokémon are based on the Four Symbols (the "Four Gods") of Chinese geomancy and astrology.
    • Zhang is the Azure Dragon, Ling the Phoenix/Vermillion Bird, and Zhi the Black Turtle.
    • Chandler is a pun on the third symbol, (Jian Bing, the white tiger) while referring Chandler Bing from Friends.
  • Her civilian identity was based on an idea for a PEFE accountant to poke fun at the organizational expenditures that must happen for PEFE to function and bring up narratively inconvenient financial deficits, all while getting into shenanigans of her own.

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