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Monese is the name given to a number of languages spoken by Pokémon. It is not normally able to be inherently understood by humans, but anyone who has used the Human-Pokémon armband can understand it, and it can be learned just like any human language.

Methods of Understanding Monese

Known methods for humans to understand Monese include:

  • Being pretty much raised by Pokémon from a young age. (N and Fool).
  • Using a Psychic type to translate. (Tagg before his trip to PMD-A.)
  • Via a Glitch (Wolf).
  • Visiting the Dream World (Crewe).
  • Being transformed into a Pokémon either through a trip to the PMD universe (Tagg) or by wearing a human to Pokémon armband (Rex).
  • Being formally taught the language (Umbramatic). A quick course in this language is sometimes available to college students (Shutter, Tommy).
  • Having a Pokémon directly translate through electronic methods (Ren)

Monese Variants

While all mons seem to speak the same Monese "language", which appears to be directly genetically encoded since transformed humans keep the ability to understand it upon changing back, dialects and (sub?)languages are known to exist:

  • Dialects of real world languages exist.
    • Members of some Murkrow Mafias speak in "Russian Monese".
    • There also exists Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Kalosian, and German.
  • Kanto and Johto Nidoran employ Lapine from Watership Down in formal situations. (Information available at Bits'n'Bob-stones)
  • Dragon mons have a Draconic dialect based on Skyrim as well. (Information available at )
  • Some Pokémon also speak in Al Bhed from Final Fantasy Ⅹ. (Information available at Al Bhed (Final Fantasy Wiki))
  • The dialect of Monese taught in academia is called Domestic Monese, derived from the version spoken by captive-bred and trained Pokémon.
  • Conkeldurr-lines in Unova speak in a variant of Monese called Common Conkeldurr.
  • Some Pokémon have been known to speak in versions of Monese that mimic the syntax of constructed languages like Newspeak from 1984.

It is notable that Standard Monese appears to be fairly glacial in terms of language drift, with Monese spoken in PMD-B's 27th Century being mostly indistinguishable and mutually intelligible with 21st Century Monese, though Grubba who was born around 100,000 years prior to the Hoenn-2 Arc spoke an inintelligible dialect of Monese in his death throes, potentially meaning that Standard Monese's major changes happen more on a scale of tens of millennia as opposed to centuries.