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Lapine is the dialect of Monese that Nidoran in the Johto Nidoran Colony as well as some other nearby colonies speak. It's adapted mostly directly from Watership Down's Lapine.

Important Lapine Words

  • Ela (plural Elil): an Enemy™ or a Predator™. Note the capital - the term is reserved for mons of species such as Skarmory, and using it to refer to a particular individual is a declaration that no further amity or truce is possible with that individual.
  • hrair: common name for any number meaning "a lot" (or, essentially, anything above four).
  • Frith(rah): the sun; also the Sun God, Ho-Oh.
  • Inlé: the moon; also the Spirit of the Moon that comes take a Nidoran's life at the moment they face the most fear. In some contexts, denotes an Umbreon.
  • ithé: a human.
  • marlao: breeding season; literally "doe's time", the time of the month when they are receptive to mating.
  • Naytle: a Nidoran.

Lapine Words Made for WAAPT

  • Akim'bleer's name.
  • Frith'me: literally "He of Ho-Oh's". The name reserved for Luke.
  • Nayolpreen: the name Nidoran give to their forest (in the AU, up to before the Draconic Uprising).

Fluent Speakers

  • Maekrite
  • Mayonaka and Taisho, being colony leaders; as well as several named Nidoran NPCs in the Johto Nidoran Colony.