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Mayonaka is a four-year old Nidorina who serves as one of the leaders of the Johto Nidoran Colony in the Alternate Timeline. She is VeniaSilente's NPC.

The time of her ascension to the breeding cabal that rules over the local warrens is sometime between the takeover attempt by Team Rocket and the Scolemis War. She is fairly skilled at Attract and clawing attacks, has a commanding but caring personality, and is a mother of at least two litters whose identities and whereabouts are unknown. Her mate is a Nidorino of name Taisho who at the time served as the head mon of the "army" the warren was constructing by using Silent's tutelage and supplies.

Some time right before the Scolemis wars but after the initial events of the AU Arc, Mayonaka meets with Crowley, then head honcho of the Goldenrod Murkrow Mob, to polish the detail of a treaty that would allow them to get rid of the fake Gym Leaders in the area, among other things. There she demonstrated her abilities by lovebending casting Attract on Vinollo, who was hidden and wearing a military armour at the time, and forcing him to "showcase" himself to her and the other females in the cabal, to provide the 'krows a display of the supplies they could get from Silent.

Mayonaka is the only member of the breeding cabal in the AU to keep one stable mate, and mentions at some point that this is something she learnt from Inka. While she appreciates the opportunities to sexually fiddle with other high-ranking males of the colony, just like the other cabal members, she doesn't relish on it nor tries to take advantage of the males.

In the OU

During the Orange Islands Arc Mayonaka is mentioned as one of the possible candidates to breeding cabal after Inka is removed from that position due to failure to breed. However whether she reached the cabal in that timeline is as of yet unknown. It is known that Taisho is, still, her one mate.