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Vinollo is a mid-level Nidorino who in the Alternate Timeline holds the leadership of the Goldenrod Owsla, with the rank of Maestro. While he has stats and power comparable to a level 35 Nidorino, he does have larger experience and a couple of tricks under his sleeve.

Vinollo has a more experienced brother named Rize and a mate named Roa. His and Rize's parents are shown in the Original Timeline, but not named.

When Frithrah (Ho-Oh) didn't arrive to the summit of Bell Tower in the backstory of the AU when summonned by Luke, the Nidoran colony's greatest fears were confirmed true. While the colony was training a very basic army, the Owsla themselves had become a secretive order with Vinollo as their leader. This order was activated when Rommelperior's forces invaded Johto starting with the Azalea sector. Vinollo organized and dispatched various teams with specific purposes, and later joined the battle himself when the branch of the army his brother Rize was leading got trapped south of the city.

Eventually Vinollo and Rize lead a force of about 250 Pokémon from Johto to join Luke and the other trainers in an effort to stop Artemis and Scolipede's rule by attacking their castle in Unova directly. Much of this attack force was exterminated when a Giant Hydreigon was unleashed. Vinollo himself entered the castle intending to perform a low-profile Assassination on Napoleon, but had to cancel the operation before Napoleon killed Mira, when the Hydreigon was unleashed and destroyed the castle.

After the many losses, Vinollo and Rize returned to PEFE HQ, where they talked to each other about life, war and love, ad admonished Maekrite for doubting his position.

With Johto secured and the conflict ended, Vinollo kept the leading position of the Owsla and started training new members. At the same time he got into a relationship with one of his followers, a Nidorina named Roa. By New Years Eve 2012 (Megapost #2), the two solidified their relationship despite he leaving for Sinnoh to try to get an important flower rock.

A little over a year later, the Order has to be activated again when the Seven Jerk Dragons bomb the entire world turning all humans into Pokémon. With chaos ensuing, the army disbanded and access to Goldenrod mostly lost, Vinollo takes counsel from the leaders of the Lake of Rage and opens the Owsla ranks for other species to join. While the various Pokémon of the forest try to retake Goldenrod from the dragons, Vinollo himself is sent with a group of 11 Pokémon and his mate to Alto Mare to break the early balance the dragons have built on the island. He carries an amount of assassinations before taking some time off to raise his offspring into capable warriors.


Vinollo is an experienced Nidorino, more than Maekrite is at least in long-range combat. He also has an uncanny skill to appear and disappear at random, similar in some ways to Gene's offscreen-teleporting abilities. Tagg has been only able to trace Vinollo's disappearance via Aura Vision and his one comment to that was "little sick bastard".

Particular displays of skill by this member of the Owsla involve the low-profile Assassination of one of Rommel's generals during the Poison Storm attack, right under the Serperior's nose; also, he offscreen-teleported into a battle atop the Magnet Train railroad when the Owsla were summoned by Roa, and one-hit killed a Cinccino from behind despite the Pokémon marching and leaping forwards. He also reentered the city alone to assist in Rize's team and evacuees and their traversal of the city.

When Vinollo was exploring the area near the Ruins of Alph for a flower mission, his lifeforce was perceived as the strongest in the surroundings by a noncorporeal entity that had entered the Pokéverse by that point and that then copied his likelihood to become ♨č▒⢫╠␣☣ł₤舸▟.

While Vinollo is largely capable, he is actually the weaker of the two brothers. Rize has shown to be capable to hold a Haxorus back and then kill it with a single move, as well as Substitute his way out of a barrage of elemental beams.