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Glitch Nidorino a.k.a. "♨č▒⢫╠␣☣ł₤舸▟" (see "Glitch Nidorino") is a character that appears in the Alternate Timeline. In theory a materialization of primal energy following the commands of Inlé ("Death"), it appears in the Ruins of Alph and roams the alternate Pokéverse looking for warriors who have grown too cocky and confident to experience tharn, or fear of Death, among the survivors of the Unova-Poképan war.

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At first a nondescript mist when it materializes, it floats around searching for the strongest lifeforce it can imitate. It locates Vinollo the Nidorino who was wandering near the Ruins of Alph and imitates his likelihood. From there it floats or teleports to different places to look for mons and humans to face and to teach fear of Death to.

Glitch Nidorino eventually is found by Tagg and DS when it explores the Cerulean Cave, and after a match with Tagg's mons is defeated by Muddy and Chilliwack. After that, perceiving how Tagg and DS react to death, it teleports them around to Hoenn where they meet a resucitated Solana.

Its early dialogue suggests that Death sent it to the Pokéverse to restore a balance that is broken in largescale wars.

Battle Abilities

♨č▒⢫╠␣☣ł₤舸▟ has a limited degree of Reality Warping which includes teleporting himself and certain objects; when it teleports large spaces it casts a timespace bubble that "merges" the target and destination locations as well as objects within for a moment, for bzizarre and interesting effect. It has a movepool based on his in-game one, but the glitch moves are reinterpreted so as to try to make some sense and have them be usable (since they are glitch moves with low or zero statistics in the cartridge). Among its special techniques it can produce floating amethyst-like crystals that rain poison pins on its enemies, ice panels that block shots aimed at it, and materialize wing-shaped steel pins that have no apparent purpose (and baffle itself as well).

There is a key limitation to Glitch Nidorino's power: it can not kill -- at least directly. Its purpose is to teach the fear of Death, in which it is implied its targets must survive its attack. Glitch Nidorino is also apparently free to discard an opponent.

It is unknown whether Glitch Nidorino can be killed, though it can be largely incapacitated in battle by dealing it enough damage; when that happens it turns back into a violet cloud of smoke with very little power beyond its own mobility. In this form though it can not be meaningfully damaged any further.