Heat Shield

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Heat Shield is a dangerous technique accidently invented by Tagg and Helios during the GC in an attempt to thwart Helios' Water type weakness. While slow to get going, in action it's truly devastating. It works by taking advantage of the natural defensive mechanism of Volcarona, to raise temperatures to heat-stroke inducing levels far above the tolerances of most other Pokémon, and taking it up to eleven. The heat exuded from this move is so powerful that Water-type attacks will simply evaporate into steam harmlessly, and kills by causing those in its AoE to light on fire and burn to death. Due to its simplicity of concept any Volcarona and other Pokemon capable of generating enough raw heat on their own could use it, but due to the psychological effects of mass immolation on Helios, both have vowed never to use the technique again.

Known Users

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