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Veronica is a female NPC, handled by DarkerShining.


So far, not much is really known about Veronica. As a child, she couldn't decide on what kind of Pokemon trainer she wanted to be when she grew older, and decided she wanted to try many things. Her dreams of all the things she wanted to do as a trainer attracted the attention of the Munna who later became her starter, Fantasy.


Veronica is a fairly minor character, first introduced during the Hoenn arc.

The AU

In the AU, Veronica and her Pokemon except for Alastor were killed at some point during the wars during the time Scolipede and Artemis ruled.

Veronica's Team
On Hand : Fantasy518Mini.pngAlastor093Mini.pngThunderbolt310Mini.pngOctavia040Mini.pngSpitfire077Mini.pngSoarin'227Mini.png
Boxed  : Slippy364Mini.png
As last seen in: Sinnoh