Odd Zeddie Casanova

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Odd Zeddie Casanova is an Umbreon who is originally from Treasure Town in the PMD-A universe.


Like Sunny, Odd is a romantic and the metaphorical runt of his family. His hobbies include grooming, romantic music, and dating, though until he met Stella, second dates were not in his repertoire.


Odd is Stella's boyfriend, and has at least a passing acquaintance with the rest of her family.

Odd and Stella have a daughter named Celeste.

Odd travels with Forte's team and has a Pokéball, but is not officially considered "caught" by him. Like his girlfriend, he tends to stay out of battles.


Odd originally met Forte in Treasure Town by asking him (who was at that point a female Eevee) on a date. Forte was frightened and bewildered by this, but Stella took a shine to him, and the two ended up evolving to Umbreon on a date together. After Stella and Forte returned to the human world, Odd followed them along, and has been doing so ever since.