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Name: Prolio
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 18
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: not stated
Home: Pewter City
Pokéform: Electabuzz
Starter: Porygon

Prolio is an 18-year old hailing from the Kanto region (which town is not yet specified). He is a newer member of the cast, having been dropped in White Wafers after an unusual event involving the Entralink during the end-ish of the PMD Returns Arc. He is played by Tropeless.


Prolio is a competitive battler from Pewter_City, Kanto. Not much is known about his past other than that he received a Porygon as his starter when he turned ten as a gift from his dad. Hitmonchan, Alakazam, Pidgeot, and Gyarados were also received prior to his introduction but further details have not been revealed yet.


Prolio is fairly short for his age, with brown, short hair, square glasses, and green eyes. He wears brown cargo pants and a light blue jacket over his white T-shirt. (And, like everyone else in the Pokemon universe, he only has many copies of the same outfit.) Looks something like this:



As a competitive battler, Prolio has a very technical view on situations, and he doesn't pay much mind for his Pokemon, other than that they're not being overclocked. He has done extensive research and can relay basic information on just about any Pokemon out there (which he calls Tattling; this is a reference to the Paper Mario series. And no, he really didn't have a life before he joined the cast). He NEVER uses items as per competitive battling rules, although this doesn't really apply out of battle (read: when he tries to catch a Pokemon for his squad).

Pokémon Form Statistics

  • Nature: Serious (No change)
  • Ability: Static
  • Level: 36
  • Held Item: None


  • Quick Attack
  • Low Kick
  • Shock Wave
  • Thunder Wave
  • Electro Ball
  • Light Screen
  • ThunderPunch
  • Discharge

Role in the Plot

Beginning in Dreamland

Prolio makes his introduction dropping into White Wafers after attempting to use the Entralink. This is (supposedly) due to the shattering of the Plot Crystal creating "dimensional instabilities" as Crystallux puts it. He traveled with Mezzo's group into Nutty Noon where he and his Pokemon faced off and won against Xaldin because they weren't on the bridge to a tower and got a behind-strike.


After Nutty Noon, he traveled back to the OT on the Starcutter with the rest of the RtDL gang, and made south to Striaton_City to get his Pokemon on the PC system so he could Fly home on his Pidgeot. He also withdrew his Gyarados who was introduced after he went to Egg Engines. Next, he went to the Johto_Safari_Zone and got trolled in every Zone by a Ditto, that he later caught. He caught a very scared Dratini and a Nidoran♀ afterward, and then went to Celadon to do various things.

Potential Future

Prolio, as a new character, has potential to be anything (except a canon protagonist) at this point in time.

In the AU

Nothing is currently known about Prolio in the AU.

Prolio's Team
On Hand:Alakazam065Mini.pngPorygon2233Mini.pngPidgeot018Mini.pngGyarados130Mini.pngDitto132Mini.pngDratini147Mini.png
Alternate Timeline:It's a secret to everybody.
As last seen in: Safari Zone, Johto