Prolio's Ditto

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As the title states, this is the page for the Ditto that belongs to Prolio. (Will change once it gets a nickname)


  • Gender: Neutral
  • Nature: Hardy (No change)
  • Ability: Imposter
  • Level: 41
  • Held Item: None


  • Transform

Battle Style

Ditto, while it won't be used in competitive battling, battles by transforming into a strong creature and fighting, able to do so very quickly due to Imposter.


From what's been shown, Ditto is a troll, not unlike Doopliss.


Ditto first appeared in the Johto_Safari_Zone, trolling Prolio throughout the entire park. It eventually got cornered and caught by Prolio.

Prolio's Team
On Hand:Alakazam065Mini.pngPorygon2233Mini.pngPidgeot018Mini.pngGyarados130Mini.pngDitto132Mini.pngDratini147Mini.png
Alternate Timeline:It's a secret to everybody.
As last seen in: Safari Zone, Johto