Crasher Wake

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Crasher Wake or more properly CRASHER WAKE!!!, is one of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders.


CRASHER WAKE!!!’s team is based mostly on his Platinum pre-rematch team, includes the following members:

  • A Floatzel.
  • Mr. Fish: a stoic male Gyarados; known moves include Dragonbreath and Twister.
  • El Santo: a male "masked luchador" archetype Ludicolo; known moves include Thunder Punch.
  • Billy: a Quagsire with a derpy exterior, but good battle strategy; named after his English VA; known moves include Muddy Water and Sandstorm.


Rex Hunter challenged and beat CRASHER WAKE!!! during his run of the Sinnoh Conference (in the Infinity Keystone Arc).