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Name: Morgan Miller Heiden
Nickname: Fox girl, Lil'un, Morgi (as Morgan), Mari (as Mariko)
Gender: Female (assigned male at birth)
Sexuality: -
Age: 11
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Ethnicity: Half [Scottish]-Unovan, Half [Japanese]
Birthday: 3 July 2005
Home: Lavender Town, Kanto
Pokéform: Zoroark
Starter: Dash
Morgan Heiden.png


Morgan was born to Mark and Samantha Miller (née Yoshida) in Lavender Town, Kanto. Mark was a trainer, while Sam was a nurse in the town Poke center. His obsession with training put a strain on their relationship, and they separated when Morgan was a year old. A few months later, he died in a battle with a wild mon, forcing Sam to raise their child on her own.

At an early age Sam knew her son was different from other boys. When he was 4, he asked to wear a dress like he saw the girls wearing, and she obliged, thinking nothing of it. At 5, he was growing his hair out, and his activities were a blend of those traditionally associated with boys or girls (like chasing Caterpie around the yard only to invite them to a pretend tea party). By 6, she insisted she was a girl, and Sam soon came to believe it. Being transgender in a small, somewhat superstitious community caused it's own problems, like having to spend her sixth birthday in the hospital after being beaten up by some older kids for "crossdressing".

After the incident, Morgan became withdrawn from other people, and petrified at the thought of going to school, so she was taught at home by her mother. Sam raised Morgan to respect Pokemon and the natural world, giving her a Vulpix (Dash) to raise as a pet. While her mother was hard at work, she could be found playing in the hills, or visiting the cemetery. She rarely talked to or played with other children, preferring the company of her Pokemon friends (and secretly wishing she was one). This combined with her lack of fear of the town's ghosts, her long red hair, and her ever present Vulpix led the other kids and some adults to call her "the fox girl". Though she bore the name with pride, she couldn't help but feel self-conscious at how different she was from the other kids. Her mother encouraged her to just be herself. And so Morgan did, all the while fueling her growing imagination with TV shows and stories about other cities and other lands.

When other kids in the town became trainers and ventured out into the world, Morgan longed to do so as well. Despite her own fears, Sam had Dash registered as her starter and permitted her to begin her journey a bit early, hoping that in time her daughter's wanderlust will fade and she'll find a safe job somewhere. Meanwhile, our bright eyed adventurous little fox girl is finding the world outside Lavender surpassing her hopes...and fears.

In May 2014, Samantha Miller died of a rare form of terminal cancer. Morgan returned and stayed by her side for the last few months of her life. Since then she has begun following the J-Team, and been unofficially adopted by the Heiden siblings, Maria and Lane. She also considers Victoria "Tori" Thorne and Jason Maxwell as siblings.

In August 2014, Morgan's dream came true. Kai Amarin, a friend of Jason's, got her in touch with Pent, who used an amulet to make her female in body as well as in mind. She also began dreaming of her past life as Mariko Ameno (her several times great grandmother) and received an Eevee egg from Tori's father (based on a Heiden family tradition), which hatched into Nadia soon after.

Past Life

In a past life, Morgan was a Zorua in the ancient Ransei region. After her mother was killed by hunters, she discovered the ability to project an illusion of being human. However, she distrusted humans and continued to live in the wild, living off what little she could steal. She was taken in as a servant of the Ameno household after Hikaru, who named her Mariko, caught her in the orchard. As a teenager, she was released from her service and became a priestess of a local shrine. After Hikaru's brother Kusaru turned against him and killed Miki, his first wife, he and Mariko fell in love. She was made permanently human by a Mew, and together they produced the bloodline of which Morgan and Jason are descendants.

Future Arc


She has an unusually short stature and a somewhat above average build; most humans she meets tower over her. Her thick red hair reaches down to her waist. Her skin is a bit pale (though it tends to sport a mild tan in the summer months) and lightly dusted with freckles. If she's feeling comfortable enough to make eye contact, one may notice her eyes are bright green.

She is almost always seen wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat that used to belong to her father when he was a young boy. The rest depends on her mood. A more girlish day will see her sporting a light blue cotton sundress, while faded denim overalls indicate she's feeling more tomboyish. Shoes have never had any appeal to her, so she spends as much time barefoot as she can. Otherwise, she has two pairs: flat sandals and hiking boots. For fun at the beach, she carries a light blue one piece swimsuit.

Her natural voice is a bit masculine (think Tara Strong as Ben Tennyson from the original Ben 10 cartoon), and tends to slip out when she's in a serious mood. She affects a more high pitched cutesy voice when being playful (think Tara Strong as Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon).


Other Details

  • Affiliations: J-Team, Heiden family (both unofficial)
  • Height: 3' 6
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Has been turned into a water elemental and a dryad by Coyote.
  • Has been regressed to infancy and turned into a baby Zorua by Hia Valley's time weirdness.
  • Her toes tend to squirm when she`s lying or nervous.
  • Favorite things
    • Soft Drink: Croagunk Cola
    • Video Game: Last Legend Episode 6


  • Kalos League
    • Bug Badge - Santalune City


  • Backpack
  • Pokegear
  • Hoothoot plushie (Gift from Jason)
  • Shell pendant with "Morgan" carved into it. The "o" has an amber stone in it. (Gift from Jason, made by Maria)



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Morgan's Team
On Hand : Dash037Mini.pngAzrael093Mini.pngMadeline025Mini.pngLafayette673Mini.pngWhisper196Mini.pngVernadean130Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2