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Níðhöggr, or Nidhoggr was a cyborg Druddigon faced by some members of the J-Team during the PEFE Arc.



Nidhoggr was originally a normal Druddigon until he fell into the hands of Pokefutures Inc. Pokefutures found the Druddigon to be perfect for Project Níðhöggr, and the poor Pokèmon ended up taking growth hormones to increase its size, before getting lobotomized by its cybernetic enhancements. However, Nidhoggr proved to be difficult to control, so Pokefutures placed it under stasis, and ended up wiping the data of its existence shortly before the PEFE acquired PEFE HQ.


Níðhöggr's existence was uncovered during the PEFE Blackout, when Tagg found some notes from a Pokefutures researcher detailing its existence. The group then encountered the experiment itself inside a darkened module in front of the generator room, having been freed from its stasis, a battle commencing right after. While Tangent shone a light to reveal its position, the members of the J-Team present fought fiercely against the cyborg, with it being forced into a second form following a beating from Muddy, Cobalt, Coulomb, and Draca, as well as Diane.

The second form attempted to kill SleepyHead before she could finish her Psych Up, but the timely arrival of Crochet and Kricketune ended up both weakening and distracting it, allowing the Drowsee to destroy the experiment with a Psych Up assisted Headbutt.

Powers and Abilities

Nidhoggr had the abilities of any other Druddigon, but was also augmented by the cybernetic enhancements granted by Pokefutures. Besides having a missle launcher and lasers built in on its back, it had a visor capable of foiling sight based status debuffs and conditions. Upon getting damaged enough it could switch into a second form with even more lasers and missiles, as well as a jetpack.


  • Níðhöggr gets its name from the dragon of the same name from Norse mythology.