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Name: Aislinn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ???
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Ethnicity: Chinese
Birthday: 12/2/1999
Trainer ID: -
Home: Galar, Ballonlea
Pokéform: Unrevealed
Starter: Blair

Aislinn is a distant relative of Daydre, written by the troper of the same name.

Aislinn circa 2021


Not much is known about her, aside from her growing up with her single mother and the strange mask she carries.

Galar Arc

She first appeared greeting Daydre before the latter's first Galar League gym challenge. Daydre felt a strange sense of familiarity, and there was a resemblance between the two pointed out by Daydre's mons. Her next appearance had her conducting an interview outside the Ballonlea gym. In it, she said some very odd things about a mask and a request for whoever took its alleged fake to come kill her. It is not known what her intentions are.

Aislinn's Team
On Hand : Blair857Mini.png
As last seen in: Galar