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Chiyo via Sangled Picrew.

Name: Chiyo Hoshizawa
Nickname/Alias: Iridium, Katy Boundree, Ida
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: Mid-30s (Biologically), 23 (Chronologically)
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Ethnicity: General School genetic slurry, appears primarily of mixed Alolan, [East Asian], and Black descent
Birthday: c. January 2001
Attribute: Mind of Crystal
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Poni Island School facility, Alola
Pokéform: Rainbow Swirl Alcremie
Starter: Dactyl
Status: Alive

Chiyo, formerly known as Iridium of the 2001 School batch, aka the New Century Class, is an escaped School subject and one of its longest lasting fugitives, having successfully evaded recapture or liquidation for more than 20 years.


Chiyo is about 5'3", has the general School phenotype of dark hair with purple eyes, the former she keeps in a ponytail tied back with a light blue or rainbow hairband, and has a medium brown skin complexion. Her face is dotted with freckles. Chiyo tends to prefer clothes that don't stand out, partially out of personal style preference, and partially to avoid School attention, but at least one article of clothing tends to be light blue. Around her neck is a birthday present from her Batch's Curium, a necklace bearing a star with a rainbow trailing behind it, which doubles as a keepsake.


Chiyo is generally kind and personable, but decades of having to dodge the School has given her a ruthless edge when it comes to life or death struggles despite her dislike of killing and compassion for her fellow Schoolchildren and even Templars, who she sees as mostly brainwashed slaves. As a result of being a fugitive, she has trouble getting close to people out of fear of the School harming them and/or using them as bargaining chips to coerce her cooperation.


Chiyo was decanted in early 2001 as the 77th member of her Batch, and gained the designation Iridium as a result. At some point she chose to run away from the School facility in Alola where she was being kept, running from Alola (Where she met and caught Dactyl) over to Kanto. Two Templars had managed to corner her and were planning on either capturing or liquidating her on the spot, when a then 10 year old Tagg got involved and easily dispatched them with his Venusaur. Following a brief conversation in which "Katy Boundree" alluded to why she was being chased and she ascertained that the Templars had not gotten a good look at his face, the two parted and wouldn't meet again for the next 20 years.

Chiyo spent the following two decades avoiding the School and honing her abilities, gaining infamy amongst the organization as one of its longest lasting fugitives. It was during this time that Chiyo ended up being forced to kill her batch's Boron in self-defense in September 2006, her close friend/romantic partner Curium died due to an aggressive GI cancer related to her creation, and her joining of the Oasis.


Chiyo is a psychic who specializes in the use of barrier constructs. While she can use them for defensive purposes as expected, deflecting things up to man-portable missiles, she can also use them offensively in the form of sending them crashing into people, creating small barriers with sharp edges in order to throw them at enemies offensively, and having Dactyl bounce off of them in order to increase his momentum and destructive impact. Chiyo can also form miniature barriers inside people's major blood vessels in order to give them lethal strokes, but the technique requires a lot of concentration, making it impractical in open combat.

On the less offensive end, she can form smaller barriers around her wounds in order to facilitate healing.

As an Elemental Auric, she is capable of generating rainbow flames by increasing the temperature of her barriers with telekinesis, which she uses to increase the cutting power of her disc constructs, burn things to cinders in her bubble barriers, and even heat tea. However, she only uses the ability in combat when she's truly pressed, as her regular abilities are very good otherwise.

Her most powerful known ability has her don an armor formed from her barriers as her disc constructs turn into stars that blaze with her rainbow Aura. Said stars on top of keeping their cutting edge can be sent to opponents with enough explosive force to burn them to a crisp.

Notable Items

  • A necklace consisting of a star with a rainbow trailing from it given to her as a gift by Curium for her birthday.
  • A light blue armband with transformation capabilities acquired from Ersatz Alliance.
  • A Z-Power Ring.


  • Tagg once saved her from Templars when he was starting out as a trainer, an action she's quite grateful for decades later. The two have quickly become friends after meeting again.
  • Gets along generally well with her fellow Oasis members, being particularly close to the Faller duo Nicky and Kendra. However, despite their closeness and a few sexual dalliances, Chiyo is reluctant to take things further due to her fears of the School harming them and/or otherwise using them as bargaining chips.
  • Batchmates:
    • Was very close with the Curium of her batch, and was devastated by her premature death from cancer.
    • Was friends with Boron, but parted ways when she refused to join their escape attempt, and ended up killing her in self-defense five years later when the then Alumni tried to drag her back to the School.
    • Her and Chloe have a close yet rocky relationship due to the latter's belief that directly fighting against the School is pointless. They've started to gel together as Chloe has slowly started coming around to Chiyo's point of view.
    • Considers Diamond family due to being one of her surviving Batchmates.
  • Dactyl was her first Pokémon and remains her closest mon friend.
  • Has ended up befriending Tagg's Azumarill, Anguis, and Ovis, connecting to the latter over their shared love of the stars.
  • Once fought Adelinde when she was younger, soundly defeating her. Their second duel was a stalemate interrupted by the involvement of Tagg and Louise.
  • Is tentatively friends with Maggie.
  • She and Channah got off on the wrong foot due to the former's questions hitting a little too close to home. Their relationship is somewhat tense, though Channah admits to disliking her less than most non-Tagg people.
  • She and Maurice have surprisingly hit it off due to shared commonalities and have had a one-night stand.
  • The Freshman Class Iridium is derived from both her and Tagg's DNA, making them effectively her genetic daughter.
  • She sees Louise as a combination of younger sibling/daughter.




  • Has evaded death or capture by the School for over 20 years.
  • Defeated and killed numerous Templars and other enemies over the course of nearly a week in August 2021.


Portrait of Chiyo by JG.
Chibified portrait of Chiyo with Dactyl by JG.


  • Chiyo has a great interest in astronomy.
  • Her Aura is a unique rainbow color, as a reference to Iridium meaning "of rainbows", but has no relation to the multicolored Aura commonly seen in Aura Vampires.
  • Her first alias, Katy Boundree, is a pun on "K-T Boundary", the line of iridium separating the Cretaceous from the Tertiary Period.
  • Her secondary alias, Ida, refers to the asteroid that Dactyl's namesake orbits around, and is also a reference to anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells.
  • Chiyo's main occupation is that of a camgirl, using it as an act of reclamation against the School who would consider her body their property, though she once worked at a Burger Monarch in the past.
  • Her Rainbow Swirl Alcremie mon form uniquely has purple as opposed to yellow eyes despite her use of a Star Sweet to evolve.
  • Her [Steam] account is IridescentChiyo.
  • In terms of physical strength she's in the middle between herself, Chloe, and Zee.
  • Chiyo was the first Schoolchild confirmed to have an Attribute.
Chiyo's Team
On Hand : Dactyl774vMini.pngCeres036Mini.pngBeremices925fMini.pngPisaster121Mini.pngStellamaris698Mini.pngLehua951Mini.png
Allied: Qinglong780Mini.pngSuzaku663Mini.pngBaekho863Mini.pngHuyen Vu009Mini.png
As last seen in: Paldea

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