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Elemental Aurics are Aurics capable of creating some sort of sub-element outside of the main Auric Quartet using their powers. It should be understood that in the vast majority of cases, this is less "generating an element" and more "element is created as a by-product of their powers." Examples would include but aren't limited to a given Auric using their powers to lower/increase the ambient temperature of an area to create ice/fire, or creating electrical or flaming sparks by using their powers to increase friction. The strength of a given sub-element's usage can range from merely a party trick to something far more dangerous.

While not quite as rare as usage of The Gates, it is one of the rarer Auric abilities, and all known cases have involved the use of only one sub-element. It should also not be confused with being a Pan-Auric.


As these elements are a side-effect rather than directly generated, Aurics capable of using sub-elements have no inherent resistances or immunities to their own powers. As a result, a given Elemental Auric is just as vulnerable to their element as any other human. In Volpe's case, due to his powers being out of control as a result of Orlando Rosa's experiments, much of his body has been ravaged by frostbite.

Unlike an Electric-type Pokémon, who in most cases can use their powers even while wet, an Auric with an Electric sub-element would have to be careful lest they shock themselves with their own attack like a Pichu would.

Known Elemental Aurics


  • While it's possible for just about any Auric type to use a sub-element, it appears to be especially common amongst Obscurics.
  • Ice sub-elements tend to be particularly common amongst Aura Vampires.