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Aura Vampires, frequently referred to as vampires or vamps, are Aura Drain specialists who, due to overuse or because of nearly dying from Aura Depletion, have a dependency on their draining abilities for survival. Although all human examples are on the Auric Spectrum, Pokemon with other draining moves (e.g. Horn Leech) can also succumb to the condition.


Aura Vampires possess most of the same abilities as humans on the Auric Spectrum or normal mons of their species, but tend to be stronger, more durable, unnaturally charming and have a particular affinity for ice and - obviously - Aura Drain. As a result of continued draining, many of them are capable of living far past their natural lifespan without aging, such as Livius Cain being from 15th Century Kalos but not aging a day past his first encounter with Carmilla.

As a side effect of the crimes against nature one must normally take to become an Aura Vampire and continue to live, humans who do so are no longer subject to The Vow's protections on humanity, and can be killed by Pokémon with impunity whether they were posing a direct threat or not. Uxie compares it to becoming an outlaw in the original sense of the term, that is, someone who laws do not apply to, including ones that would protect them otherwise.

As a result of their Aura-feeding tendencies, rather than just one solid color or a gradient, Aura Vampires who've freshly fed can have their Aura appear as a patchwork of different colors to a being capable of using Aura Sense.


The main weakness of Aura Vampires is their need to feed, as going without feeding for a while will weaken them if not prove outright fatal. The ambient Aura found at Aura Nexuses may allow them to live, but it doesn't truly fill them in the same way that feeding off a living being might. On top of disabling their powers, Aura Jammers can also make them feel sick when in close proximity.

Known Aura Vampires


  • Aura Vampires are in general inspired by a broad range of vampire lore, but in particular, take cues from the vampires in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.