Aura Sense

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Aura Sense, or Aura Vision for its weakest and/or more sight-based variants, is an Auric power that allows its users to perceive things using their "other eyes", which is often signified by their eyes (If they have them) glowing blue or other colors depending on their personal Aura color.

Known Abilities

While the exact manifestation of these abilities can differ from Auric to Auric, an overview consists of:

  • Can see unique Auras and note the existence of Attributes upon focusing. (Aura Sense LV 1)
  • Denote friends from foes by having allies glow blue, enemies glow red, and beings of interest glow gold.
    • Can follow Aura trails created by said subjects.
  • Can see through physical barriers such as walls or doors, and can give sight even while blindfolded.
  • Can see things that are normally invisible, such as the special chalk used by AU!Tagg in PMD-B or ghosts.
  • Can see bonds connecting others in the form of threads or other symbols representing connections.
  • Can tell if someone is transformed by checking their Aura for a normally human or Pokémon unique signature.
  • Can see possible familial relations by checking for similarities in their Aura signature.
  • Can sense vitality.

Known Variations

  • Vo's Aura Sense is based more on taste than sight.


While an experienced Aura sensitive can use the technique indefinitely, novices can only keep Aura Sense up for a few seconds before becoming fatigued. Also, some abilities using Aura Sense require more energy than others.


Certain soundwaves, such as those emitted from Ratatoskr or Alexiel's Aura Jammer can interfere with Aura Sense's use.

Known Users


  • Some of the aspects of Aura Sense are based on Eagle Vision/Sense from Assassin's Creed.
  • Aura Sense is apparently the only practical method for keeping track of Vinollo's movement. In Tagg's words, "sneaky bastard".