Aura Jammer

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Aura Jammers are devices first utilised by Allen Avadonia to disrupt the abilities of those on the Auric Spectrum. At their most basic, they are simply modified radios that emit a sound beyond the range of normal human hearing to disrupt Auric Constructs and Aura Sense, among other abilities, via sound waves at the exact general frequency they require to function. Typically they only affect Aura users on one quarter of the spectrum, most often classical Aurics, though they can be further upgraded to affect users of either Aura or Obscura in general.

They were used to great effect against Lucius in Orre, as he was a relatively novice Auric at the time. It is currently unknown how they would impact more veteran Aura users.

Known Users


  • The concept of Aura Jammers was at least partially based on the Music Boxes from Dishonored, which negate Outsider-related powers.