Aura Vampire

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Aura Vampires, frequently referred to as vampires or vamps, are Aura Drain specialists who, due to overuse or because of nearly dying from Aura Depletion, have a dependency on their draining abilities for survival. Although all human examples are on the Auric Spectrum, Pokemon with other draining moves (e.g. Horn Leech) can also succumb to the condition.


Aura Vampires possess most of the same abilities as humans on the Auric Spectrum or normal mons of their species, but tend to be stronger, more durable, unnaturally charming and have a particular affinity for ice and - obviously - Aura Drain. As a result of continued draining, many of them are capable of living far past their natural lifespan without aging, such as Livius Cain being from 15th Century Kalos but not aging a day past his encounter with Carmilla.

Known Aura Vampires


  • Aura Vampires are in general inspired by a broad range of vampire lore, but in particular, take cues from the vampires in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.