Kahlia Mahelona

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Kahlia and Amelia on left, and their supervillain guises of Aeroraptor and Whiptail on right. Art by Daydre.

Kahlia Mahelona, aka Whiptail, is a costumed jewel thief and Aura Vampire from Alola.


Kahlia's usual attire resembles that of a Delinquent, only wearing fingerless gloves and with her long purple hair pulled into a ponytail. In her guise as Whiptail, however, she dons an elaborate costume resembling a Salazzle, complete with beaked mask, springed heels, and a controllable tail tipped with a toxin-laden stinger.


Though her criminal career as the jewel thief Whiptail is still in its infancy, Kahlia has already grown used to the level of extravagance it provides her. There's a reason for this: Kahlia is an Aura Vampire, one who seeks to surround herself with valuable items and important individuals to enrapture - and drain. She seeks to be admired, respected and feared by others in equal measures, and whilst she attempts to maintain a composed and charming persona to achieve this, her mood can change at the drop of a hat.


Amelia is her main partner in crime and closest friend. She also blackmailed Kai into helping her with her criminal exploits - though over time, she became genuinely fond of Kai, regarding them as a friend and feeling serious guilt about her coercion of them. This ultimately resulted in her falling in love with them, though she accepts that her feelings will almost certainly be forever unrequited due to her past actions.