Elise Fryse

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Name: Elise Fryse
Nickname: none
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 22 (As of 2017)
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Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: May 22, 1995
Trainer ID: -
Home: Lacunosa Town
Pokéform: Sneasel
Starter: Seven

Elise is a 22 year old trainer from Lacunosa Town, Unova.


Elise was a fairly normal child who grew up in Lacunosa hearing stories of "The Great Devourer" known as Kyurem. Every night the residents of the town would retreat to their houses, referencing the ways of their ancestors, who used to hide from Kyurem. Elise never understood why this was, but didn't question it.

At some point when she was 8, Elise got lost in the Giant Chasm. While wandering the area, she encountered Kyurem. Knowing those stories she had been told, she was cautious of him, but not scared. It turned out to benefit her, as Kyurem used his powers to keep Elise safe until she could be found. From that day forward, Elise dreamed of one day being able to become a Pokemon Trainer. However due to a number of "incidents" in her early teens, Elise was mostly confined to Lacunosa Town. Finally, at the age of 16, she was allowed to go on a trainer's journey. She encountered her first Pokemon, Seven (Known as Tris at the time), in the Giant Chasm as she went to go see Kyurem. However, he was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, Elise set out for Johto to begin her journey, but not without catching a Cubchoo she named Cola.


Elise is generally a kind person, especially to Ice types. She has a habit of being unfazed by odd occurrences, such as Kyurem not eating her. She can sometimes be too quick to trust someone, something that's come to come back to bite her on numerous occasions.


Elise is about average height, somewhere around 5'7.5. She has green eyes and brown hair, usually kept down but will put it in a ponytail for certain occasions. She used to be commonly seen wearing a dark blue trenchcoat or a dark gray and blue top with a gray skirt, but now adapts her outfits to the climate of her current area or the situation at hand.


She knows Vrang and Crow, but not enough to consider them friends. At some point, she used to have a crush on Straw, but it eventually faded, or so she claims. She is currently in a relationship with Vierr.

Is rivals with Claire, a Steel monotyper, but after an instance where she nearly killed her with her Obscura powers, Elise made an effort to apologize to Claire, an effort stymied by her attempts to stay as far away from her as possible. Currently the two have made it to somewhat friend status.

She has a contract with Esprit, forcing her to be his underling under threat of consequences on her and her friends at his hand. Elise has been looking for a way to escape her contract ever since she found out Esprit's true nature.

In the AU

Elise was orphaned during the reign of Artemis and Scolipede, and went insane shortly afterwards. Being an already lonely girl, the loss of her parents pushed her over the edge. She has since been turned into a Froslass by the mon bombs, and has covered the house in ice and her only friends are two ice sculptures, a Sneasel one named Ms. Frosting, and a Cubchoo one named Mr. Bubbles. Nobody goes near the house, afraid of the crazy Froslass inside.

In the Lillifuture timeline, Elise is raped by Esprit, resulting in her having twins: Icarus and Valerie.


Likes:Ice-Types, Kyurem, the color blue, cold temperatures

Dislikes:Hot temperatures, people who think Kyurem eats people, Revival Herbs, Esprit, Lansat Berries

Despite her being an Ice Trainer, she has Pandora, whom she kept due to the mind link that they share due to a Cipher experiment.

Elise's Obscuric constructs have frost properties to them, but not enough for them to freeze anything.



Elise's Team
On Hand : Seven215Mini.pngCola614Mini.pngMomohime478Mini.pngFontaine479FMini.pngMatoro583Mini.pngAustralis698Mini.pngTitanic713Mini.png
Boxed :Serenity 131Mini.png
As last seen in: Hoenn-2