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Zee via Sangled Picrew.
Name: Zee
Nickname/Alias: Xenon
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Biromantic demisexual
Age: Mid-30s (Biologically) 23 (chronologically)
Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
Ethnicity: School genetic slurry
Birthday: c. January 2001
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Poni Island School facility, Alola
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Sickle
Status: Alive

Zee, formerly Xenon of the New Century Class, has evaded The School for more than 20 years by living in the virtual middle of nowhere.


Zee is a pale-skinned, very tall, and heavily-built woman with red hair that she keeps in a bob. She tends to dress like a lumberjack, complete with a toque that she wears almost all the time.


Zee is rather introverted and reserved, to the point that living by herself in a cabin north of the Battle Zone doesn't bother her much, and tends to be straight and to the point when she talks. She also likes gardening, having cultivated a plot at her cabin for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

She also has a more ruthless side, implying to Tagg and Chiyo that she makes compost out of the Templars who attack her home every so often.


Zee was decanted in early 2001 as the 54th Schoolchild of the New Century Class, gaining the designation Xenon. Following her escape from School captivity, Zee eventually made her way north of the Battle Zone and made her home in a cabin for the next two decades. Chiyo would eventually call upon her help for raiding a School base and defeating the organization itself.


Zee primary ability is gravity manipulation. She can create fields of altered gravity or focus on singular objects or people, and can also channel gravity through her woodcutter's axe or a broadsword she obtained from a Templar she killed. She can also use her powers to manipulate the growth of plants, giving her a Grass-subtype, one such application being activating the inert Leech Seeds she carries around.


  • Batchmates:
  • Zee has settled into an uneasy relationship with the Templar Damien after having a ideological argument with him and then basically kidnapping them following the J-Team's raid on a School Base relatively near her cabin.
  • She was initially suspicious of Tagg before Chiyo cleared up the situation.




  • Zee is the physically strongest between herself, Chiyo, and Chloe, and physically strongest of the Truancy Gang period.
  • Zee is the tallest of the New Century Class Batch members introduced onscreen thus far.
Zee's Team
On Hand : Sickle903Mini.pngAnis842Mini.png
As last seen in: Neo-Sinnoh