New Century Class

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The New Century Class was the first School batch of the 21st Century, based within a School facility on the northwestern side of Alola's Poni Island. Sometime in mid-2001, six Schoolchildren, the Iridum who would one day be known as Chiyo amongst them, attempted a breakout from the School and succeeded, but at the cost of their Gallium's life when he accessed The Gates in order to secure their escape. While escaping they would then all go their separate ways because as a group, they were simply too big a target to be ignored by the School. Sometime after, Diamond, the Carbon of the batch, managed to escape as well despite the best efforts of Adelinde the Scythe. The Batch's Ruthenium would follow soon afterwards.

The Boron of the Class eventually became an Alumnus, but was killed by Chiyo in 2006, while their Curium succumbed to complications of GI cancer caused by her creation in 2011. Chiyo would later find out that the Cadmium of their group had been liquidated sometime prior to 2022, with the samples taken from his body placed in a Sinnohan School tissue bank, having been killed by Brad the Freeshooter.

Diamond mentioned to Chiyo and her group upon their reunion in 2022 that he attempted to show the way to escape to the remaining members of their Batch, but apart from Ruthenium, whether or not anyone else managed to escape and survive into the 2020s outside of himself or Chiyo's group remains unknown. It is likely, however, that including the six known surviving escapees, few remain as of 2023 between Templar liquidation and the Curse.


The Class was comprised of 114 Schoolchildren, all based within the Poni facility under the watch of a School scientist known by the nickname Dr. No Heart and his Templar second Brad the Freeshooter, among others. The conditions were particularly harsh, even by School standards, due to No Heart's experiments, which was a likely reason why Chiyo, Zee, Chloe, Abe, Gallium, and Curium tried escaping a relatively short time after their decanting.

Known New Century Class Schoolchildren

†= Deceased

  • 001 Hydrogen [Status unknown]
  • 005 Boron [Revived]
  • 006 Carbon (Diamond)
  • 007 Nitrogen [Status unknown]
  • 008 Oxygen†
  • 017 Chlorine (Chloe)
  • 031 Gallium†
  • 039 Yttrium [Status unknown]
  • 044 Ruthenium
  • 047 Silver†
  • 048 Cadmium†
  • 054 Xenon (Zee)
  • 074 Tungsten [Status unknown]
  • 076 Osmium (Abe)
  • 077 Iridium (Chiyo)
  • 093 Neptunium†
  • 096 Curium†
  • 114 Ununquadium