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Abe via Sanged Picrew.
Name: Abraham
Nickname: Abe, Osmium
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown
Age: Mid-30s (Biologically), 22 (Chronologically)
Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm)
Ethnicity: School genetic slurry, appears Black
Birthday: c. January 2001
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Poni Island School facility, Alola
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Atlas
Status: Alive

Abe, formerly Osmium of the New Century Class, is a truant from The School associated with The Oasis.


Abe is a dark-skinned and haired man about 5'8" in height, though due to his leg injuries he's unable to stand unassisted. He tends to keep his afro-textured hair short for maintenance reasons.


Abe is fairly polite and levelheaded.


Abe was decanted around January 2001 as the 76th Schoolchild of the New Century Class, shortly before Chiyo was, and was given the designation Osmium. He was among the six who participated in their escape from the Poni Island facility. Sometime between then and the late 2010s, he was attacked by Templars and presumed dead after they dropped rubble on him.

In actuality, he survived, but suffered serious injuries to his legs that prevented him from walking. He may very well have died anyway if Atlas, then a Machop, had not found him and dug him out of the rubble. The two would become partners and stick together up to when he was found by the Oasis and became one of its coders. It would be him who introduced the Oasis to Chiyo personally when they first met up again.


Abe is a powerful telekinetic, capable of lifting numerous stones weighing at least a ton. Due to his injuries requiring the use of a wheelchair, limiting his freedom of movement, he tends to act more akin to an artillery piece in combat with Atlas acting as support.


  • Batchmates:
    • Abe gets along well with the rest of the Truancy Gang, being particularly close to Chloe, being the person she argues with the least in matters regarding the School.
    • He and Chiyo have a unique bond formed from being so close together in production.
    • Did not fully understand Gallium when he was still alive.




  • Prior to his injuries, Abe was the fastest runner in the Truancy Gang.
Abe's Team
On Hand : Atlas068Mini.png
As last seen in: Neo-Sinnoh