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Chloe via Sangled Picrew.
Name: Chloe Cloudchaser
Nickname: Chlorine
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Queer
Age: Mid-30s (Biologically) 22 (chronologically)
Height: 5'1" (154.9 cm)
Ethnicity: School genetic slurry, appears Black
Birthday: c. January 2001
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Poni Island School facility, Alola
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Boll
Status: Alive

Chloe Cloudchaser, formerly Chlorine of the 2001 New Century Class, is an escaped School subject who has evaded capture or liquidation for more than 20 years, to the point that the School is unsure whether she's alive or dead. She spends her time constantly on the move from region to region.


Chloe is a short, dark-skinned Black woman with School-typical purple eyes who keeps her mint green hair in a mini fro. She tends to prefer clothing that's easy to move around in.


Chloe is generally nice and freewheeling, but has a more cynical and bitter side that comes out when dealing with the School, and is often ruthless when fighting Templars.


Chloe was decanted around January of 2021 as the 17th Schoolchild of her Batch, gaining the designation Chlorine. She was amongst the New Century Class Schoolchildren who escaped the Poni Island facility, and left Alola soon afterwards. Sometime afterwards she met and caught Boll, and spent the next 20 years wandering from region to region.


Chloe is an aerokinetic Elemental Auric with the ability to dissemble herself into an intangible state, which she uses for both travel and defense. While in this state she's immune to physical attack and most beam attacks due to being effectively air, and can choke out an opponent by surrounding their head and depriving them of oxygen.

Her preferred weapon is a knife, which she uses in tandem with her powers to stab people, preferably from behind.


  • Batchmates:
    • Close to all the members of the Truancy Gang, but seems to be especially bonded to Abe, who she thinks of as her tether.
    • Her and Chiyo are close but their relationship is slightly strained due to their disagreements over whether hiding or fighting is the better option for dealing with the School. Thanks to Abe, however, she's been slowly starting to come around to the idea.
  • While she doesn't outright dislike him, she distrusts Tagg due to feeling he's responsible for putting the idea of direct rebellion into Chiyo's head in the first place. The two have made an attempt to start over following their visit to the Poni facility.
  • Is acquainted with Channah due to her being there when she and Chiyo crossed paths again.
  • Boll is her starter and main partner in crime.




  • Out of her, Zee, and Chiyo, she's the physically weakest.
Chloe's Team
On Hand : Boll547Mini.png
As last seen in: Neo-Sinnoh