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Dactyl is Chiyo's Violet Core Minior and her first Pokémon, being her most faithful companion for most of her entire life following her rescue of them after they cracked their shell upon falling from from the stratosphere. .


Dactyl is slightly more reserved than their Trainer, but shares their general values and serves as Chiyo's voice of reason.


  • Birthday: Mid-2001
  • Age: ~22
  • Met: Mt. Hokulani, Alola
  • Ability: Shields Down
  • Ball: Poké

Battle Strategy

Dactyl rarely fights alone, instead acting as an extension of Chiyo as she uses them as a bludgeoning tool in tandem with her barriers and subtype, bouncing him off them and walls with enough force to easily kill a person in one blow. He can also partially absorb elemental energy for use in combo attacks.

Known Techniques

  • TypeFlying.gif Acrobatics
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeNormal.gif Shell Smash
  • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge


  • Chiyo is Dactyl's closest friend, having saved his life by catching him. They've been loyal ever since.
  • Feels positive towards Tagg for helping save their Trainer's life.
  • Is friends with Anguis, Ovis, and Azumarill.


  • Assisted Chiyo in defying the School for over 20 years.
  • Assisted Chiyo in defeating Gerald the Caustic.


  • Dactyl uses he/they pronouns.
  • In keeping with Chiyo's space theme, Dactyl's name comes from the moon of the asteroid Ida, matching with Chiyo's alternate alias.

Chiyo's Team
On Hand : Dactyl774vMini.pngCeres036Mini.pngBeremices925fMini.pngPisaster121Mini.pngStellamaris698Mini.png
Allied: Qinglong780Mini.pngSuzaku663Mini.pngBaekho863Mini.pngHuyen Vu009Mini.png
As last seen in: Paldea