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A depiction of Star.

Star is a 27-Year-old Trainer from Pastoria City, Sinnoh. Her birth name is Lucy, although only her parents refer to her as such. She has a younger brother named Ian, who is also a Pokemon Trainer.


  • Birthday: July 21, 1993
  • Starter Pokemon: June The Cyndaquil
  • First appearance: Approximately Page 1904
  • Pokeform: Luxio (nicknamed "Sarabi")


Coming Soon.

Star's Team

Star's Team
On Hand: September330Mini.pngNovember349Mini.pngThursday026Mini.pngMay610Mini.pngTuesday286Mini.pngSunday478Mini.pngOctober429Mini.png
Boxed: March515Mini.pngJune157Mini.pngAugust404Mini.pngApril182Mini.png
Alternate Timeline : Friday324Mini.pngMonday259Mini.pngWednesday262Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink