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Name: Halis Aria
Nickname/Alias: Halis, Scarf
Gender: Agender
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: 16
Height: 4'9"
Ethnicity: White (of Kalosian and Sinn heritage)
Birthday: August 2nd, 2003
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Jubilife City
Pokéform: Lopunny
Starter: Aran
Status: Alive

Halis Aria, also known as "Halsei" in their Lopunny form, is the main PC of Halis (formerly known as Generic General).


Halis is a trainer originating from Jubilife City, where they were sent out from to explore the world and grow as both a person and as a trainer, though they're more keen on the former than the latter. They tend to be shy at first, but quickly warm up to those who show kindness in return, even if they later describe themselves in a negative light. This is reinforced by their sheer honesty, to the point where if someone asks a question, Halis will almost always be willing to answer if they know what the question's about, and their respect for those around them, meaning once they've befriended someone it's hard for Halis to think otherwise of them. Naturally, this makes them easy to manipulate if someone knows how to act around them, though nobody has taken advantage of this yet. They are technically a part of the J-Team, even having visited PEFE HQ at one point due to an anomalous object they found.

They have a room on the Stormchaser, filled with plush things and generally being a very soft room. They're prone to falling asleep while inside, however, and others might find it similarly alluring.

They aren't directly related to many other people, however their father, Regor Aria, is the owner of the Aria Depot in Jubilife City, a moderately-successful warehouse and shipping company.


Born to two somewhat rich parents who had founded a shipping company (currently known as the Aria Depot, still in business) a few years before their birth, Halis lived a rather simple life, never really being challenged in any meaningful way or even really presented with chances to improve themselves. Everything they needed, they had been handed, and their parents never noticed or minded until early grade school, where Halis's spoiled nature began to show itself, causing them to largely just question things without providing answers, even when they were meant to provide the solution. This eventually would reach a breaking point when Halis took the teacher's wallet, looking through it curiously, which resulted in immediate reprimanding from both their teacher and, later, their parents. This sudden backlash greatly confused Halis, who once again began asking questions, but would not recieve an answer, at least not when it mattered. This caused Halis to become reclusive and shy, though they did indeed start learning at a greater rate than before, surprising both of them in the process when Halis even started getting consistently perfect scores, though the answers were dull and even borderline robotic in nature, with very specific and careful wording. Halis was afraid of angering them again, and their parents noticed this, looking into getting a Pokemon for them to take care of when they reached the appropriate age.

They decided that an Aron was the best choice, and when the time came, Halis was generally surprised by this new companion. They asked what they did to deserve something like this, and the answer Halis got was that a lot of people their age got their first Pokemon at this particular time. The Aron, which Halis creatively named Aran, was a bit slow to warm up to them, but after about a year or two you could barely tell that they'd ever been apart to begin with. Eventually, Halis and their parents had decided it was time for Halis to set out into the world, and after taking what things they could in a reasonable manner, they left behind their old life and started journeying together with Aran... maybe not to become a master of anything in particular, but at the very least to become something more.


They have not met many people as of yet, but the few they have met have been largely positive in nature, barring one exception, for both parties involved.

  • Lucius was previously acting as their "mentor", trying to teach them the ways of the world (though not without a bit of protest from Lucius, citing that he may not be the best role model). However, with Halis's mon-ification and subsequent pokeball-capture by Lucius (due to Halis's willingness to explore the intracacies of The Vow), their dynamic had slightly shifted to that of a trainer and mon one for the time being, although a very close one. Unfortunately, in the time between then and now, that has ended with Halis abruptly cutting ties with him, and it's unclear if anything more will happen as a result.


They generally wear a slightly-oversized green sweater, blue jeans, white shoes, with matching green eyes and hair, and a long pink scarf of some kind that they almost never take off, even in mon form.

Further Details

First Appearance: Page 21931

Pokéform: Lopunny (was Alolan Sandshrew prior to a visit to the Ersatz Alliance and Buneary prior to engaging in a fight with Voyd)

Attribute: ???

Favorite Color: Green and Pink (they couldn't decide on just one)

Likes: Travelling, friends, unusual things, cold weather

Dislikes: Excessive heat, large crowds, lack of sleep, people who live to torment others


  • Helped in the fight with Voyd to stop them from entirely consuming Kanto's light.


There is also an alternate version of Halis running around that has a very important distinction from any of their other-universe counterparts: they actually thought to cross over into the main universe after the Mobius Raid of their specific universe ended, recognizing that due to the way the world exploded and reformed during the raid that it's unlikely whoever they're looking for was there, and up until now have remained rather low-key in their efforts of a continued search for a particular someone. This alternate Halis is, unlike the event of April Fools' Day, permanently and irreversably fused with yet another Fate/Grand Order character, Kiyohime, having taken on some of her mannerisms and parts of her appearance, mainly in wardrobe, though with a couple notable traits being that the Pokeform is now a Dragonair instead of a Lopunny and that this Halis is... very, very slightly insane. Best not to mention it, though.


  • Halis almost always feels cold, even in warm weather (with the exception of excessively-warm temperatures), and thus almost always has the same outfit on. If their mon form is out, though, they stop feeling cold.
  • If you asked Halis what the best solution to a problem is, you're more likely to get a question about the problem than an actual answer to it.
  • Halis' name of "Halsei" in their Lopunny form is a reference to the character "Ralsei" from the game Deltarune.
  • During 2019's April Fools Day events, they temporarily gained the abilities and some mannerisms of Euryale from Fate/Grand Order, becoming "Euryalsei".
  • (Unofficial) Theme: Unspoken Feelings

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