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Art by zu-art

Diane Amarin is the third PC of Eskay64.


Diane is a girl who spent the first fifteen years of her life believing humans had been extinct, after having lived in PMD-A for those years. She was introduced to humanity by Eskay and Skye, and it was revealed she was a human herself after she followed them through the portal to the Entralink.

In the AU

Diane's grandmother never traveled to PMD-A in the AU. Instead, she traveled to Johto, and raised a family in Ecruteak. As such, Diane ended up being Eskay's neighbor. However, she still liked birds a lot - the very trait that decided her Pokeform in the OU - which led her to become a Flying-type specialist, starting out with Aura, a Staraptor.


She is great friends with Ammy and Crewe, due to their similar history.

Skye is her wife, and the two of them are in a polyamorous relationship with Alyssa and Isbrand.

She also happens to be really, really, really good friends with Galvani, due to their affinity for SCIENCE!

She is distant cousins with Wolf and Katie.

Other Details

  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: March 23, 1996
  • Ethnicity: Mixed-race (paternally black, maternally white)
  • Pokéform: Staraptor
  • Favorite color: Gold
  • Likes: Visiting new places, Skye, Alyssa, Galvani, a whole bunch of crazy stuff nobody else in their right mind would like to try
  • Dislikes: Secrets, liars, Totem, Paula
  • First appearance: Page 6146


  • Until January 2013, Diane was the only human PC without a "partner" Pokemon. She is still the only one without an "official" team.
  • Diane's grandmother never went to PMD-A in the AU timeline, one of the earliest known differences between the AU and the OU.
  • Diane was the youngest known member of PEFE until Maggie joined.
  • She wears a necklace with Veðrfölnir's feather on it.

Pokémon - OU

Diane does not have an "official" team, but she does consider Annie a close companion.


Pokémon - AU



Diane, Skye, and Alyssa sleeping together. (Commission by gabbiestuff.)

Diane's Team
On Hand - OU : Annie276Mini.png(Unofficial)
Boxed : None
Released : None
On Hand - AU : Aura398Mini.pngGust277Mini.pngForge006Mini.pngCumulo469Mini.pngDraven198Mini.pngWisp425Mini.png
On Hand - Otherverse : Unknown
As last seen in: Ecruteak City

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