Forge (Diane)

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Forge is AU!Diane's Charmeleon.


  • Age: 2
  • Nature: Lonely
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Favorite Move: Metal Claw
  • Likes: Diane, Gust
  • Dislikes: Cumulo


Forge is very sensitive and unconfident due to being the "exception" on Diane's team, which is only worsened by Cumulo's taunts.

Abilities in Battle

Forge has not appeared in battle yet; therefore, his fighting style is unknown.


Forge's origins are as of yet uncertain, but he is confirmed to have been found by Diane somewhere in Kanto as a Charmander.


He has some sort of close relationship with Gust, but it is uncertain how close exactly.

Diane's Team
On Hand - OU : Annie276Mini.png(Unofficial)
Boxed : None
Released : None
On Hand - AU : Aura398Mini.pngGust277Mini.pngForge006Mini.pngCumulo469Mini.pngDraven198Mini.pngWisp425Mini.png
On Hand - Otherverse : Unknown
As last seen in: Ecruteak City