Sinnoh Arc

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Major Events

  • The initial group gathers.
  • Daisy obtains Blacky.
  • David is killed by Gamer, Tagg, a nameless trainer, and Mewtwo.
  • Leena is killed by Jane.
  • Gamer gets the Lustrous Orb.
  • Daisy gets the Azure Flute?
  • The group defeats Missingno.
  • Gamer loses his toe and the Lustrous Orb.
  • The group releases Regigigas.
  • Regirock captures Dialga.
  • The group attack a Rocket Hideout in Stark Mountain on the Northern Continent.
  • Dialga and the Regis destroy said Rocket Hideout.
  • The group move to Canalave, finding it shrouded in a mysterious shadow.
  • After clearing the shadows, the group defeat the Belial.
  • The group enter and clear Glitch City.
  • A decent portion of the group relocate to Hearthome, with Gamer and Pentigan competing in Super Contests.
  • After a day of messing around, everyone returns to Fullmoon Island, where they are met by "Palkia".



Arc Information

Arc begins with post 1 (page 1) and ends in page 157(-ish).

  • Individual subarcs:




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