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Candice is one of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders.

NPC Handlers: Anomalocaris 20 (past), Mezzopiano (current)


  • A Sneasel that seems to speak primarily in high-pitched squeals.
  • An Abomasnow that is normally docile, but gets enraged at Fire moves.
  • A Mamoswine who is highly determined, and also somewhat paranoid.
  • A Froslass who finds many things dull, and is generally unimpressed by opponents.
  • A Glaceon who is easily excited by everything.
  • A Medicham that knows Ice Punch.


Rex Hunter challenged and beat Candice during his run of the Sinnoh Conference (in the Infinity Keystone Arc).


  • In the Sinnoh Arc, Candice assisted the group in gathering the Regis and awakening Regigigas.
  • Candice was in a particular incident involving a Barboach at one point, which Anom has used to blackmail her.
  • Pianis used to be a trainer in Candice's gym, and he and Candice are still close friends.