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Muninn is Ever's Mimikyu.


Age: At least 7000 years old, likely more (pretended to be 27 as Must)

Birthday: Predates the Gregorian calendar (pretended to be January 5 as Must)

Nature: Serious

Ability: Disguise

Met: Petalburg Forest (as Must), Hau'oli Graveyard (as Muninn)

Ball: Poké

Favorite Move: Dragon Pulse (as a Latios), Stomp (as Must), Shadow Claw (as a Mimikyu)

Likes: Feeling superior

Dislikes: The circumstances of his death, being Dragon Pulsed, being unable to's a long list, guys


Muninn is smug and superior, believing himself (often correctly) to be more intelligent than everything around him. However, he is as a natural consequence incredibly prideful, and prone to rage when that pride is stung. While as a Latios this rage was dangerous, as a Mimikyu it's mostly adorable.

Muninn is good at reading the emotional states of those around him, even without psychic abilities. He uses this talent to find the weakpoints of his opponents, though lately he has been using it to find things that motivate people.

When posing as Must, Muninn was serious, if not outright gloomy at times. He had a tendency to comment bluntly on situations and people.

Abilities in Battle

As a Latios, Muninn was a terrifyingly powerful combatant, flying at supersonic speeds, able to turn invisible with a thought, and capable of unleashing attacks of devastating power. Even after losing his wing he remained a formidable opponent, using telekinesis to disable his foes before beating them unconscious.

Known Moves: All Latios moves.

As Must, Muninn disguised his true abilities dramatically. Unable to fly, he instead used his large size and telekinetically-duplicated control of plants to beat down opponents. He also made heavy use of Dragon Pulse, claiming it was taught to him by his old trainer.

Known Moves:

  • TypeGrass.gif: Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Razor Leaf, Leaf Tornado
  • TypeFlying.gif: Gust, Air Slash
  • TypeNormal.gif: Bestow, Natural Gift, Leer, Stomp, Growth, Sweet Scent, Whirlwind, Body Slam
  • TypeDragon.gif: Dragon Pulse

As a Mimikyu, Muninn is still adapting both to a completely different fighting style, and to simply being a far weaker Pokémon. His general approach is to rely on Disguise to shield him from damage while delivering vicious slashes with his claws.

Known Moves:

  • TypeGrass.gif: Wood Hammer
  • TypeNormal.gif: Splash, Scratch, Slash, Double Team
  • TypeGhost.gif: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw
  • TypeFairy.gif: Baby-Doll Eyes, Play Rough
  • TypePsychic.gif: Psychic


Muninn was a Latios of the Moon Tribe, thousands of years before the start of the RP. Alongside his sister Huginn, he created the Demon Mutagen, and was punished by the Moon Tribe. In retaliation, they destroyed it utterly. Muninn then disappeared from the radar for millennia.

Thousands of years later, Muninn disguised himself as a human researcher in Cipher during the Orre Arc and applied the Tiara to Ever. After Ever was freed from its effects, they confronted Muninn, discovered his true nature and desire to subjugate humans, and fought him. After a long battle, Muninn was defeated, losing one of his wings and sent to Lati@s prison. At some point Sidious freed him from this offscreen.

Later, in Hoenn-2, Muninn disguised himself as a Tropius and joined Ever's team as Must. He claimed to have had an old trainer, who he suggested was responsible for the loss of his wing. This story played to Ever's sympathies, and Ever took in the "Tropius". Muninn spent this time doing everything he could to gather information about Ever and their team, including forming a relationship with Pleth. During Ever's battle against Steven, Muninn revealed his true nature and attempted to murder Ever in retaliation for the loss of his wing. Must handily defeated Ever's team and attempted to attack Ever, but made the error of running head-long into a pair of Skarmory feathers, impaling himself to death.

During the Alola Arc, it was revealed that Muninn had been reborn as a Mimikyu following winning the Spirit Games, and Ever caught him once again, this time for good.


  • With the help of his sister, destroyed the Moon Tribe.
  • Taught Pleth Dragon Pulse.
  • Failed to kill Ever.


  • Muninn's closest relationship was to his sister, Huginn. The two have grown apart somewhat over 7000 years, though.
  • As Must, Muninn formed a relationship with Pleth. There was no reality to it, and as a Mimikyu, the two share a deep enmity. Pleth enjoys using Dragon Pulse on Muninn, as while it deals no damage it annoys him intensely.
  • Muninn has, surprisingly, formed fairly close bonds with Ever's Alola team, knowing what motivates all of them and appearing to have a vested interest in their achieving their goals.
  • Muninn hates Ever utterly, but at the same time has very few other people who tolerate him for any period of time. Consequently, the two are close. Ever frequently taunts Muninn over Muninn's death, which Muninn accepts out of a lack of any real ability to do anything about it.


  • His OT is 'I HAVE NO MASTER'
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