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Muninn was a Latios who disguised himself as a human researcher during the Orre Arc and applied the Tiara to Ever. After Ever was freed from its effects, he confronted Muninn, discovered his true nature and desire to subjugate humans, and, after a long battle, defeated him and sent him to Lati@s prison. At some point Sidious freed him from this offscreen.

Later, in Hoenn-2, Muninn disguised himself as a Tropius and joined Ever's team in hopes of doing things to learn more about them, including dating Pleth. In the battle against Steven, he revealed his true nature and tried to use his knowledge to get under everyone's skin, only to be stopped by Ephemera. He then attempted to attack Ever, but he was stabbed with two Skarmory feathers and died in his frenzy.

It was later revealed during Re: Glitch that he was one of the co-creators of the Demon Mutagen alongside his sister, and that they destroyed the Moon Tribe in retaliation for getting punished for creating it.

During the Alola Arc it was revealed that he'd been reborn as a Mimikyu following winning the Spirit Games, and Ever caught him once again.


  • His OT is 'I HAVE NO MASTER'
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