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Cuseinga is Ever's Heliolisk.


Age: 3 years

Birthday: October 17

Nature: Bold

Ability: Sand Veil

Met: Ambrette Town (Helioptile)

Ball: Quick

Favorite Move: Anything Electric!

Likes: Lightning! Speed! Flight!

Dislikes: Disturbingly little


Cuseinga is astonishingly excitable, and full of energy at all times. He enjoys using lightning to propel himself around and imitate flight.

Abilities in Battle

Cuseinga is very quick on his feet, and has a wide range of Electric moves. He's fond of dramatic acrobatics and leaps, though they don't always turn out well.

Known Moves:

  • TypeElectric.gif: Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Parabolic Charge, Charge, Thunder
  • TypeNormal.gif: Quick Attack, Razor Wind
  • TypeWater.gif: Surf
  • TypeDark.gif: Dark Pulse


Cuseinga lived on Route 9 most of his life, frequently getting into various strange adventures, mostly due to his own impulsive nature. Eventually, he crashed into an Audino in Ambrette, and was caught by Ever.




Cuseinga has a friend named Harry.

Cuseinga gets along well with Letter, due to a shared love of strangeness.

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As last seen in: Entralink Arc