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Gyru was Ever's Bronzong, and is currently a member of Fayru's Croak.


Age: Several thousand years.

Birthday: Unknown.

Nature: Adamant.

Ability: Levitate.

Met: Route 211 (Bronzor).

Ball: Great

Favorite Move: Gyro Ball

Likes: Nothing.

Dislikes: Organic Life.


Gyru is completely obsessed with the superiority of inorganic lifeforms, believing that all qualities of fleshforms are utterly inferior and that in the end inorganics will control all (to the point of taking steps to hasten this process). It's highly intelligent, and has no qualms whatsoever about invasion of privacy using its psychic abilities.

Abilities in Battle

Gyru's astonishing defensive abilities coupled with its typing make it a serious threat in battles. While it lacks ability to deal much damage, it can usually survive long enough to set up multiple useful field effects, such as Stealth Rock or a Trick Room.

Known Moves: Psychic, Gyro Ball, Stealth Rock, Zen Headbutt, Trick Room, Heavy Slam


Very little is known of Gyru's past, and Gyru itself certainly isn't telling.

Gyru was caught during the Gold Conference by Ever, later evolving against a murder of Murkrow.

After helping Toxicroak use a fourth-wall machine, it was released by Ever.


  • Defeated Drake's Flygon
  • Has scared most members of Ever's team at one point or another


Gyru just doesn't like anyone. It did, however, work as an evil minion under Toxicroak.

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