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Solace is Ever's Absol.


Age: 32

Birthday: July 5

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Pressure

Met: Dark Cave

Ball: Ultra

Favorite Move: Unknown, likely Sucker Punch

Likes: To a certain extent the pain of others, being petted

Dislikes: Absol-phobes, most people,


Solace takes most things seriously, and finds mons who don't do similarly to be bothersome. She prefers to spend time alone, due to being utterly sick of being mistaken for a harbinger of doom.

While Solace has a streak of Schadenfreude to her, she is capable of being nice, especially to those who are willing to pet her.

Abilities in Battle

While Solace's actual capacity to fight is unknown, her battle style mostly revolves around hitting the opponent first, and then continuing to hit them until they stop moving.

Moves Known

  • TypeDark.gif Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Bite, Pursuit
  • TypeNormal.gif Slash, Quick Attack, Double Team
  • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeDark.gif Sucker Punch Natural ★★★★★ Good against quick mons that don't know who not to pick a fight with. Excessive violence can solve as many problems as it creates. Executed through a swift kick from her hind legs.
TypeDark.gif Night Slash Natural ★★★★ While it's not as powerful as Sucker Punch, the addition of claws makes anything more painful.
TypeNormal.gif Slash Natural ★★★ For use on Dark-types.
TypeNormal.gif Double Team Natural ★★ Fragility is the mother of subtlety.
TypeRock.gif Stone Edge TM When nothing else seems like it's working.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Solace


Solace is a Johtoan Absol, who presumably lived near Blackthorn City. She migrated to Dark Caves to avoid attention, where she met T and eventually Ever's team. She was caught by Breeze.


None yet


Solace gets along well with T, as well as Florence and Catherine.

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