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Custard is Ever's Kommo-O.


Age: 6

Birthday: May 13, 2011

Nature: Brave

Ability: Bulletproof

Met: Vast Poni Canyon (Jangmo-O)

Ball: Poké

Favorite Move: Dragon Claw

Likes: Challenges, fighting, victory

Dislikes: Backing down, defeat, being made fun of


Custard is oddly hapless, not terribly bright, and has a peculiar quality about her that leads almost everyone with whom she interacts to, accidentally or otherwise, make jokes at her expense.

On the other hand, she's incredibly brave, and will never back down from a fight, no matter how bad the odds.

The two qualities are somewhat linked.

Custard also believes herself to be destined to fight a great evil, mostly due to the words of the Lady in Violet.

Abilities in Battle

Custard is primarily a physical attacker. She places herself directly in harm's way, and takes advantage of her willingness to take hits to land powerful retaliatory strikes.

Known Moves:

  • TypeDragon.gif: Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Clanging Scales
  • TypeFighting.gif: Sky Uppercut, Brick Break
  • TypeNormal.gif: Belly Drum, Leer, Bide, Protect, Work Up
  • TypeSteel.gif: Autotomize, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon


Custard lived in Vast Poni Canyon, where like most Jangmo-O she trained to fight evil. She wanted to be part of the Poni Island trial, but was turned down by the Lord of the Canyon on the theory that she wasn't suited to the dignity of the task at all. She was given a meaningless position guarding the canyon from intruders. Ever, attempting to be an intruder, encountered her. Muninn and Narrow slipped by, learned that Custard's position was pointless and nobody in the canyon liked her, and told her as much. Ever offered to take Custard on as a team member and help her evolve, so that the trial Jangmo-O could see what they'd been missing.


  • Evolved to help hold off a group of Kartana in Revy's Grotto.


  • Custard gets along with most of her team members, though all are susceptible to making fun of her. Muninn particularly mocks her fairly consistently, but has also shown a desire to help her achieve her goals.
  • Custard has a crush on Oxy, who is aware and uninterested.
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