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Slam was Ever's Quagsire.

He is currently a Pokemon Trainer.


Age: 9

Birthday: July 12

Nature: Lax

Ability: Water Absorb

Met: Great Marsh (Wooper)

Ball: Marsh

Favorite Move: Rest

Likes: Sleeping, eating

Dislikes: Having to move


Slam is unbelievably lazy, frequently falling asleep mid-battle or taking several minutes to register even extremely powerful stimuli. Aside from that though, he's quite nice and makes an excellent listener (though he's probably not actually paying attention). It's possible this is due to an overdose of Amnesia/Curse.

Abilities in Battle

Slam has a fairly wide-ranging movepool, and for a long time was the only one of Ever's Pokemon able to hit Flying-types for large amounts of damage. When coupled with his surprisingly high defensive stats and near unawareness of pain, he would seem to be an extraordinary defensive powerhouse. Unfortunately, he also tends towards random fits of sleepiness, and as such is not altogether reliable.

Known Moves:

  • TypeWater.gif Surf, Waterfall, Scald
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge
  • TypeIce.gif Ice Beam
  • TypePoison.gif Toxic
  • TypePsychic.gif Rest, Amnesia
  • TypeGhost.gif Curse


Slam was caught in the Great Marsh at the same time as Toxicroak, when Ever came across the latter attempting to devour the former. Diesel didn't object, as Slam's tail made excellent percussion.


  • Lasted for more than one hit against Aaron's Drapion.
  • Has slept more in a year than most people do in their entire lives.


Slam is good friends with Toxicroak...sort of. Actually Toxicroak just wants to eat Slam, but Slam is blissfully unaware of this.

Slam's Team
On Hand: Gooey213Mini.pngBloop598Mini.pngSquiggle205Mini.pngSpalten713Mini.pngBevel306Mini.pngGolemite703Mini.png
As last seen in: Kalos

Ever's Team
On Hand : Pleth254Mini.pngMuninn778Mini.pngNarrow741sMini.pngCustard784Mini.pngEstoc752Mini.pngCross754Mini.pngGlimmer607Mini.png
Boxed : Salamence334Mini.pngSolace359Mini.pngSpathi373Mini.pngDrift593mMini.pngEphemera678fMini.pngLetter 680Mini.png
Released :Slam195Mini.pngFade426Mini.pngGyru437Mini.pngToxicroak454Mini.pngSubwoof294Mini.png
Other : Metentis356Mini.pngLarva563Mini.pngFourier131Mini.pngSkoll229Mini.png
Deceased: Must357Mini.png
On Hand - Alternate Universe : Nylon542Mini.pngBlobble579Mini.png
Released - Alternate Universe : Vibra537Mini.pngWraith609Mini.pngWhirl620Mini.pngGyru601Mini.png
Another Universe : Rush392Mini.pngLattice478Mini.pngGuardian563Mini.pngHive442Mini.pngCrucible429Mini.pngDisaster426Mini.pngOvermind770Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc