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Gattaca is Ever's Umbreon.


Age: 11

Birthday: May 4, 2010

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Synchronize

Met: Route 10/Menhir Trail (Eevee)

Ball: Ultra

Favorite Move: Payback

Likes: Personal grooming, nails

Dislikes: Foreign faces


Gattaca tends to be rude to most peoplemons, and doesn't really enjoy being touched, due to preferring to keep herself neat and orderly at all times. For one reason or another, she finds non-Kalosian anything to be aesthetically displeasing.

Abilities in Battle

Gattaca has impressive endurance in battle, and is able to withstand most hits. She makes frequent use of Payback to retaliate at high power, and also uses status moves to make it harder for the opponent to fight.

Known Moves:

  • TypeNormal.gif: Helping Hand, Tackle, Swift, Quick Attack, Baton Pass, Refresh, Moonlight
  • TypeFairy.gif: Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm
  • TypeDark.gif: Bite, Pursuit, Faint Attack, Payback, Assurance
  • TypeGhost.gif: Confuse Ray






Gattaca does not get along with most of Ever's team. She finds Ephemera particularly aggravating due to the Meowstic's tendency to attempt to play with her.

Gattaca harbors a deep dislike for Vattenfallet and Rembrandt for introducing her to Lösning. She dislikes Lösning for the same reason.

Gattaca detests Joseph for frequently hugging her.


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In the Suocéverse

  • In Unfit[㏜], Gattaca cameos as one of the wild Pokémon "advising" the protagonist Mienfoo on how to acquire experience.
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