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Marmalade is Ever's Flygon.


Age: 6

Birthday: November 14

Nature: Serious

Ability: Levitate

Met: Route 111 (Trapinch)

Ball: Ultra

Favorite Move: Earthquake

Likes: Flying, battling, kids

Dislikes: Foolishness, peoplemons who don't make sense


Marmalade is quite intelligent, and makes no particular secret of it. She's frequently snarky, and gets irritated easily when others aren't as sensible as her. She particularly dislikes Salamence for this, due to the Altaria's cheerfulness and spaceyness.

Primarily due to interaction with Xakk, Marmalade has displayed an occasional mean streak.

Abilities in Battle

Marmalade is a competent battler, who puts both her formidable abilities and her intelligence to use in fights. She likes to use unorthodox tactics in battle, such as using opponents as shields or redirecting attacks with Dig.

Known Moves:

  • TypeGround.gif Dig, Earthquake, Sand Tomb
  • TypeDragon.gif Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail
  • TypeDark.gif Crunch
  • TypeFlying.gif Fly
  • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge
  • TypeNormal.gif Sonic Boom
  • TypeFire.gif Fire Punch
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeRock.gif Stone Edge TM ★★★★★ Despite not being one of her types, Marmalade uses this move frequently. She executes it by shredding the environment with her wings, meaning that it frequently changes in both type and nature.
TypeGround.gif Earthquake TM ★★★★ Simple, but effective.
TypeGround.gif Sandstorm TM ★★★ Cover for you, continuous damage for the opponent. What's not to like?
TypeDragon.gif Dragon Claw Natural ★★ Standard attacking move, not resisted by many.
TypeGround.gif Dig Natural Marmalade uses this to stay out of sight and out of harm's way, before attacking quickly.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Marmalade


Marmalade was obtained in the Hoenn desert. She was a pretty easy catch, as she wanted to evolve and was seeking out a trainer for this purpose. She's since proven herself a valuable member of Ever's team.


Marmalade gets along with most other mons, though her pricklyness frequently ends up getting on their nerves. As such, she prefers spending time alone.

For some reason, Marmalade gets along well with Xakk, though is sometimes a bit disturbed by his more violent tendencies.

Ammy is a granddaughter of hers from the PMD-B timeline, via her son with Speck, Darter.

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