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Fourier is Ever's Lapras.


Age: 1

Birthday: January 20

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Water Absorb

Met: Cianwood

Ball: Poke, ancient

Favorite Move: Scald

Likes: Laconisms, spraying water at things

Dislikes: Overreliance on speaking


Fourier's personality is uncertain, and may settle as he gets older. For now, while he seems intelligent, he speaks almost solely in one-word snippets.

Abilities in Battle

Fourier fights ranged primarily. Since he is not fast, he moves himself about on a Surf wave.

Known Moves

  • TypeWater.gif: Water Gun, Water Pulse, Surf, Scald
  • TypeIce.gif: Mist, Ice Shard
  • TypeNormal.gif: Sing, Growl
  • TypeGhost.gif: Confuse Ray
Notable Moves
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeWater.gif Scald TM ★★★★★ Water jet and burning. Who could ask for more?
TypeWater.gif Surf TM ★★★★ Without the status effect of Scald, but makes up for it with power. Good for moving on land, too.
TypeWater.gif Water Pulse Natural ★★★ Look, spraying water is fun. Okay?
TypeIce.gif Ice Shard Natural ★★ Only for things that resist Water.
TypeGhost.gif Confuse Ray Natural For last resort purposes.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Fourier


The history of Fourier himself is both short and uneventful. As an egg, however, he was hidden in a treasure chest by a pirate named Revy.




Fourier gets along well with Skoll. He finds Breeze confusing, but enjoyable to hang out with.

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As last seen in: Entralink Arc