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Narrow is Ever's Oricorio.


Age: 4

Birthday: January 13, 2013

Nature: Rash

Ability: Dancer

Met: Melemele Meadow

Ball: Poké

Favorite Move: Air Slash

Likes: Solving cases, the paranormal

Dislikes: Screwing up


Narrow is cool-headed, and a self-styled paranormal investigator. However, while they are perceptive and very capable in a crisis, their deductive ability is limited and they have a tendency to jump to conclusions.

Narrow wants very badly to become a Ghost-type, thinking it will assist their investigative abilities.

Abilities in Battle

Narrow flies high over the battlefield, raining down status debuffs and special attacks.

Known Moves:

  • TypeFlying.gif: Air Cutter, Air Slash, Feather Dance, Roost, Mirror Move
  • TypeNormal.gif: Helping Hand, Baton Pass, Teeter Dance, Captivate, Revelation Dance


Ever encountered Narrow while hiding from a Salamence in Melemele Meadow. They offered the Oricorio a chance to come with them and become a Ghost-type, and Narrow accepted.


  • Cracked, though did not solve, the case of the kidnapped Silly Pidgey.


  • Narrow gets along with most of their team, though they can get on Muninn and Estoc's nerves.
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