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Letter is Ever's Doublade.


Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Nature: Brave

Ability: No Guard

Met: Kalos Route 7 (Honedge)

Ball: Great

Favorite Move: Swords Dance

Likes: Ceremony, slicing things

Dislikes: Anything that isn't straightforward, sheaths


Letter speaks in a grand style, and adheres to a number of strange and likely fabricated ceremonies, which he claims to be necessary to life. Many involve blood or cutting things. He also is fond of licenses.

In general, he does not have a very strong grip on reality.

Abilities in Battle

Letter likes to fight at close range, but is limited by his poor movepool. He makes extreme use of Shadow Sneak.

  • TypeGhost.gif: Shadow Sneak
  • TypeSteel.gif: Metal Sound, Autotomize, Iron Head
  • TypeNormal.gif: Swords Dance, Tackle, Slash
  • TypeDark.gif: Pursuit, Night Slash
  • TypeBug.gif: Fury Cutter
  • TypeFlying.gif: Aerial Ace
  • TypeFighting.gif: Sacred Sword




  • Successfully tricked Ever into picking him up


Letter gets along well with Cuseinga, as the two have a shared love of strangeness.

Letter has previously hit on a goffik coathanger.

Ever's Team
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As last seen in: Entralink Arc